• Personalise travel offerings

    Provide a highly customised offering that’s hard to refuse for your customer. The rich insights offered by Experia let’s your personalise your offering.

  • The first guest knowledge platform

    The platform leverages a selection of APIs and cutting edge algorithms that can be integrated with hotel management suites or CRMs for the best experience.

  • WOW your customer

    Engage your customers with personalised offerings with the Experia advantage of deeper insights about your customer.

What is DQ Experia ?

DQ Experia is the first guest knowledge platform for Hospitality industry


Enhance guest satisfaction with Experia. Experia delivers relevant information to hoteliers about the guest even before they arrive to help improve the check-in, stay and customer loyalty.

Travel Suppliers

Put the right inventory in front of your traveler at the right time. Experia personalised travel matching helps discover and move more of your inventory


Insights that reveal what you need

Every business knows that knowing their customer is key to the success of the business. Experia helps businesses understand their customers better by providing deep insights. These insights enable the business to customize the offering and provide a higher level of service that enhances customer experience.
In hyper-competitive industries, having a Voice of the Customer program that delivers a 360 degree view of customers is a competitive advantage that leads to more business.
We get information about your guest or customer with just an email address. The data provided by Experia can be directly interfaced with your existing CRM or applications to take action based on the data.

Personal Details

Psychographic Details

Spending Patterns



"Knowing our customers better has always been top priority for us at our hotels. Experia now allows us to easily align our brand offerings to the needs of our guests."
Kim Smith Satisfied Customer
"Fabulous what data exists out there. We were sceptical at first, but immediately could see the benefits of using Experia as a platform to gather deep insights on our customers."
John Williams Satisfied Customer
"Our ratings just went up on TripAdvisor in just 2 weeks, thanks to Experia. The team at Experia were very helpful in integrating the solution seamlessly into our systems."
Liz James Satisfied Customer

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